Silly Songs for the Car

I wish I could take credit for these, but I can’t. They came from a Rand McNally Kid’s Atlas and Activity Book we bought for our children years ago. I always included them in the Travel Journals I made for the kids for every vacation (when they were young).  (Thank you to a commenter below who gave me a ‘source’ for this as our book was put in a garage sale years ago…all I had were the printouts in my children’s keepsake books.)  I reprint them here but want to be careful to give credit where it is due. 🙂


The Twelve Days of Our Trip
(to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)

On the first day of our trip, this is what I saw– the baby throw up in the car.
On the second day of our trip, this is what I saw– two pick-up trucks and the baby throw up in the car.

Third day: three dead skunks
Fourth day: four minivans
Fifth day: five back seat fights
Sixth day: six broken headlights
Seventh day: seven miles of road work
Eighth day: eight cars a-speeding
Ninth day: nine railroad crossings
Tenth day: ten roadside rest stops
Eleventh day: eleven cop cars hiding
Twelfth day: twelve bumper stickers

Backseat Border Blues
(to the tune of “This Land is Your Land”)
This side is my side; that side is your side.
Let’s get along now; this is a long ride.
You see this line here-please don’t cross over.
One side for you and one for me.

I had my eyes close-faked I was sleeping.
So you got greedy and started creeping.
Try that again, Bub. and you’ll be weeping.
One side for you and one for me.

Just like I warned you-now you are crying.
And dad is angry – now you are lying.
You had it coming, there’s no denying.
One side for you and one for me.

99 Miles to Go on Our Trip
(to the tune of “99 Bottles”)
99 miles to go on our trip.
99 miles to go.
Step on the gas. I think we can pass.
98 miles to go on our trip.Road Trip by stevepetmonkey - Road over a hill with trees.
(Keep repeating until you get to “0 miles to go”….or until someone kicks you out of the car…whichever comes first)




Photo Credit: 3ric15 on Flickr CC Lic.

Don’t Get Out of the Fast Lane
(to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”)
Don’t get out of the fast lane.
Don’t let up on the gas.
I can’t believe all the cars we’ve passed.
Wherever we’re going we’re going there fast.
And its zoom, zoom, zoom down the freeway.
But don’t break the speed limit please.
Or the friend-ly Highway Patrol
Will request your keys!!

Are We Lost?
(to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”)
Are we lost? Are we lost?
Yes we are. Yes we are.
Someone get a map out. Someone get a map out.
Find the way. Find the way

Battle Hymn of the Brat
(to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”)
Our minivan is loaded to the roof with games and toys.
We’ve all had snacks and found a station everyone enjoys.
The kids are all behaving well; we’ve hardly made a noise.
But something’s not quite right.

I’m not having any fun yet.
I’m not having any fun yet.
I’m not having any fun yet.
This trip is dragging on.

We’ve hit every tourist trap from Maine to Monterey.
Miami to Mount Rushmore. Plymouth Rock to Frisco Bay.
We wait in never-ending lines forever and a day.
It’s time to take a rest


Now you might think that I’m spoiled, that my attitude is bad.
You wouldn’t be the first if my complaining makes you mad.
In fact you’d be the third, behind my Mother and my Dad.
But I still feel like this:



4 thoughts on “Silly Songs for the Car

  1. It was a Rand McNally kids’ atlas and activity book. I still have the pages where you put the stickers to say which states you’ve been to. (And the stickers


  2. Omgggg I would love to know where u got these. I had this same book like 20 years ago and I’v e looked everywhere for a copy and can’t find it!!


  3. I had this same book when I was younger… I wish I knew the name.. but I found your page by searching for the lyrics to “I’m not having any fun yet” so thanks for posting!


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