Staying Healthy On Vacation


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Have you ever experienced this? It’s the 4th day of your long-anticipated vacation.  You have big plans for the day. You’re finally going on the hike you’ve been “building up” since the vacation planning began. It’s the REASON you chose this destination. As you’re loading the last of the things into the car before heading to the trailhead, a child says “I don’t feel good….” You immediately KNOW the day is NOT going to go as planned….

Staying healthy while traveling:

Vacations should be memory making events…all about fun, rest and family time. Unfortunately, high fat meals, over exposure to sun, and fun in the outdoors can sometimes leave you feeling worse than you did before you left.

What can you do to increase chances for that healthy and happy vacation you dreamt about?

Before You Leave...

  • Boost Your Immune System:  
    • Probiotics counteract the effects of fast (greasy) foods we tend to eat when traveling. Start them several days BEFORE your trip so they can build up in your digestive tract.
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      Vitamin C – These come in pills or chewables, but the most effective form (imho) is powder form – added to water. (more quickly absorbed into the system) I like Emergen-C –NOW available at Walmart!  🙂

  • Increase fiber intake::  A high fiber diet keeps toxins from building up in your system – and toxins ‘stored’ in the system leads to ‘irritability’, ‘fussiness’ and in my experience, ‘whining’ in children (and adults).  Keeping everyone ‘regular’ can improve EVERYONE’S trip.  🙂
  • Bring basic meds with you:

Here’s a general list of things we bring when we travel, but I modify it based on where we’re going and who is traveling with us.

  • antacid
  • antidiarrheal
  • pain relievers (Tylenol, Advil, etc…)
  • antibiotic ointment
  • antihistamine
  • hydrocortisone creme
  • Benadryl crème
  • This is what our ‘medication’ bag looked like on a recent trip – small and compact, but contained everything we needed for that particular trip.

    sanitizing wipes

  • bandages/band aids
  • personal  prescription medications. (liquid MEDICATION of more than 3 oz. can be carried on a plane).

I purchased a travel size bottle of pain reliever years ago and have continued to re-fill it every vacation since then. I use or replace the pills in the bottle  regularly as meds DO have an expiration date, but the bottle is reused year after year.  You may notice from the pic that I combine several meds (of different colors, shapes) into 1 bottle. 


While You’re Away…

  • Stay active. This keeps your blood moving and body functioning as it should.
  • File:Fruit & vegs assortment.jpg

    Photo Credit; Oleary’s on Wikipedia; By Olearys (Frutas e Vegetais) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

    Indulge — to a point.   Pick one meal a day to splurge, but avoid continual over-indulging.  Include fresh fruit and vegetables into everyone’s DAILY diet. Adequate fiber helps with regularity (and therefore, disposition…ha)  A little bit of sugar is ‘fun’….too much leaves everyone feeling ‘blah’.
  • Protect yourself:  
    • Suncreen of SPF 30 or higher
    • EFFECTIVE insect repellant if traveling in an area where you might be exposed to ticks.  Regularly check everyone for ticks if exposure is a possibility.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer:  Purchase these in small containers and keep it easily accessible – in a purse, picnic basket, flight carry on, etc….
  • Restrooms: No matter how well they are cleaned/maintained, these are a congregating place for germs.  Touch as little as possible and teach your children to do the same.  Use the paper towel from drying your hands to open the door when you leave.  🙂

    Photo Credit: Allan on Flickr CC Lic.

    Lastly…and possibly the MOST IMPORTANT –  

  • Drink plenty of WATER: It flushes the body of toxins and impurities.




Here’s wishing you a happy and HEALTHY vacation!!!  🙂


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