About me

I am a traveler!  I am a “planner”.  I am a writer!  This blog is a way to write about travel planning…budget travel planning to be more specific.  🙂

What else?  Christian wife and mother, teacher, scrap-booker, former homeschooling mom, pianist & musician….

I grew up in a family that placed a high priority on family vacations.  We vacationed every year.  Other than one trip to Hawaii and a tour of Europe at graduation, all our trips were road trips and of course, done very economically.  The experiences I gained from those vacations not only instilled in me a love for traveling, but along the way, also a skill in the planning process and budgeting.

After I married, I introduced my husband to this way of traveling and when our children were young, we took them on as many vacations as we could, passing along not only our “love” of travel but hopefully, the travel planning skills.  Exposing our children to experiences, cultures, & educational sites has been my passion during those years. When I realized how many of my friends were telling themselves they couldn’t travel and give their children these experiences because of finances, I wanted to try to show them that they COULD!

I honestly think that traveling and family vacations are very important….  The family time during vacations is priceless!  The togetherness…the fact that you get away from everything you know (and everything your kids “know”) and are forced to rely on and relate to ONLY one another is one of the main positives.  The learning opportunities can’t be gained any other way. Studying things in school is great…but actually seeing, touching and being there, is an experience that can not be replicated by any textbook or virtual field trip.

I’ve seen several blogs on this topic written by travel agents or those associated with the travel industry.  I am neither of those.  I may be a “travel agent want-a-be” but that’s it.  I have nothing to sell and nothing to gain from this other than just sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.  I occasionally recommend products, hotels, websites, etc…but they’re JUST personal recommendations.  I am NOT compensated by anyone….though if anyone out there wants to give me a free cruise, I won’t turn them down.  🙂

My posts are “how to’s” to budget vacation planning and if the mood strikes, information and tips on specific destinations….from National Parks to urban areas…historical battlefields to theme parks…..oceans to mountains….

They’re all great vacation spots and I’ll share what I know of all of them.


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