Don’t Confuse Frugal Travel with Cheap Travel

Once upon a time, a friend called my spending habits “cheap”. It so bothered me that I swung the pendulum much further in the opposite direction than I probably should have. Since that time, I have realized my mistake, have differentiated between the words “cheap” and “frugal” and have gotten that pendulum back where it belongs.

We travel “frugally”….but we DON’T travel “cheap”. I’m “frugal”. I like that word! 🙂

What’s the difference?

“Frugal” means wise spending of money…shopping for value… Frugal indicates that you worked hard for your money and you understand the value of a dollar. You don’t let it go so easily. You want to enjoy your vacation, but you understand that the memories first (and pictures second) are what’s really important. Everything else can and should fall in line below those priorities.

“Cheap” means making decisions based ONLY on price with little or no regard for value. Cheap travel may leave  you with memories of the negatives of your vacation MORE than the positives… because the negatives take over.   “Cheap” will almost always leave you dissatisfied.  In the case of travel, it may even leave you stranded, ‘irritated’ with each other, or injured. 😦      —At any rate, the time or two I have gone the “cheap” route, I’ve always regretted it.

Lesson Learned! Now, we ONLY travel frugally….NEVER cheap!!!

If you, too, work hard for your money, want good memories but want to have them within the context of “good value”, then perhaps something I have to say can help you.

If you’ve always said you can’t travel because you think it costs THOUSANDS of dollars….  Think Again! It doesn’t have to cost an “arm and a leg”. You CAN take your family on a vacation, expose them to something outside their regular world, and do it all on a budget.

That’s my purpose in this blog! 🙂


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