My Passion – Helping Families Realize that they CAN Travel!

My inspiration to share the things I have learned about frugal traveling began 20 years ago. It began with a conversation with a friend.  As I told her how we are able to travel on a budget, she told me she would never do that.  She said that if she had to ‘work’ at a vacation, she’d rather just not go.

Fast forward to 5 years ago….After losing contact with my friend over the years, we reconnected, and in that conversation, she mentioned that her family had recently returned from a weekend trip.  She was bubbling with excitement as she told me about how much fun they had.  Then…..she said something that struck a chord of sadness in me.  She said, “It’s the first time we’ve gone on a trip together that wasn’t work related or to see family.”

I was so happy for them and the wonderful time  they had, but at the same time, I was heartbroken that her older children were grown and gone from the home….her younger children were fast approaching that time, and this was their first trip.  I remembered our conversation of 15 years ago and my ‘mission’ was born.  I wanted to help young families (though certainly not limited to that group)  see that they COULD travel.

I wanted to share the things I have learned through the years of being DETERMINED to get my family out the door on a vacation every year no matter what.  I wanted to help them see that they, in fact, CAN vacation on a budget.  Sure, it’s possible to take vacations for $8-$10,000.  No one needs to be taught how to do that. Any travel agent will jump to help you… if you need help…That’s easy!!!  But if families on a budget think that it HAS to cost that much…No!  No, it doesn’t!

You just have to know HOW to do it.  You have to know where to go, where to look, where to book….You have to know how!

Now, here’s my disclaimer: I cannot help someone take a “4 Week Trek Around the World” on $1000. That’s not possible. (unless you walk, swim and eat off the land) 🙂  What I CAN do is help people take trips nicer than they THINK they can…for less than they THINK it costs….by simply using a few “money saving” tactics.

What does it require?

  • Research…knowing what’s available
  • Work!!  Lots of work.  I spend a LOT of time planning our trips (and trips for friends/family who bribe me haha) but the rewards are great.  When you’re soaking up the rays….or walking the historical district….or standing at the base of a beautiful mountain…all the time and effort is worth it.

Traveling costs money. There’s no way around that, but it doesn’t have to break the bank if you just know the “frugal tips”.

Last Note:  “Frugal” is not the same as “cheap”.   We travel “frugally”, but we don’t travel “cheap”.  No “nightmare” vacation!!   We stay in motel chains that are clean and safe or modest vacation homes/condos rented from individual owners….  We drive vehicles that get decent gas mileage.  We eat picnic lunches.  We bring our own snacks and drinks (drink more water than anything else).  We use coupons, and we seek out bargains and “deals”.   These things allow us to go and see and do exciting and interesting things on our vacations, without breaking the budget.

You’re invited to follow….and if something here helps you, please comment and let me know.  I’d love to hear of your travels, your bargains and deals, and your experiences.


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